Giveaway Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

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win samsung galaxy note 7 Edge

Win a Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge.
This week  partnered with LeapDroid to giveaway a brand new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.
Bring your favorite Android games to your PC with LeapDroid Emulator. In case you didn’t know, Leapdroid is a mega fast emulator that features a clean, bloat-free experience along with a specialized key-mapping feature that lets you play your favorite Android games on your PC! It’s simple to install, works like a charm, and it definitely gets the job done. With a higher benchmark score than any other emulator on the market, your games should always run at peak performance!

Region : International
End 13th Aug
Hosted by AndroidAuthority + Leapdroid.
Link Win a Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge 
Good Luck !

About LeapDroid
LeapDroid is an Android emulator that runs Android apps on Windows PC.
LeapDroid employs state-of-the-art virtual machine technologies to run the whole Android system inside Windows with very high performance. It immediately turns a PC into a very powerful Android tablet.
  • Ultra high performance through memory sharing between vm and host
  • OpenGL support
  • File sharing between vm and host
  • Native adb support
  • Multiple instance support
  • Copy and Paste texts between vm and host
  • Host IME
  • Key mapping, Any touch gesture you would use on an android device can easily be mapped to a keyboard or mouse gesture
  • Audio output and microphone input
  • High compatibility, more than 98% of Android apps can run in LeapDroid

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